My sibling Benji decided to open up his easily own medical cannabis dispensary just a few years ago and he is really passionate it! It’s about an minute away from where all of us live, so I’ve been over to see the site a few times.

It’s super modern and sleek and it’s easily clean both inside and out. I never thought that it would be as much of a success as it has truly been, though! I thought that he would have a really slow couple of years, however the contractor has really taken off right from the start, and whenever Benji first started to tell us about his dream of opening a medical cannabis dispensary, all of us thought that it would entirely never happen… Benji has had a lot of absurd dreams over the years that have never come to fruition. I guess a lot of us in the family thought that it would be the same case with the medical cannabis dispensary, too, but however, I am really gleeful to report that this hasn’t been the case at all. Benji has been really successful so far and all of us are all really proud of him. I suppose that he has been laboring super hard on this contractor and even though it hasn’t really been open for all that long yet, he’s still doing really great. I am really starting to suppose that Benji is going to make a go of this whole thing! He has had a really great reception from the town that he’s in. His cannabis dispensary is tied up almost all the time now and I’m so proud of him.

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