My father basically has been living with me for the past 5 years.

When my mother died, she fell apart and stopped taking care of himself.

My sibling and I had to intervene when my pal and I found her in the lake household with no heat in the middle of the winter. My dad moved in with me, because my sibling lives on the west coast. My dad did not want to transfer all the way across the nation so the only option was living with me. When my dad first moved into my site, he had entirely terrible insomnia. The man couldn’t sleep at all and I thought it was just due to the change in scenery. There were a lot of different changes and I knew it was really challenging for my dad. I recommended medical marijuana to my dad, however he refused. He was certain that melatonin would work the same. My dad had difficulty with sleeping and the insomnia concerns lasted for 6 weeks. They magically seemed to disappear for years, but recently it seems as though he is starting to experience insomnia again. I talked to the healthcare expert when I went with my dad a couple of weeks back. I mentioned medical marijuana and the healthcare expert said it sounded basically like a good idea. My dad mumbled something under his breath and the healthcare expert reminded my dad that it is 2023. Medical marijuana is legal in almost every state of the nation. It entirely works miracles and can assist with a variety of ways for mental and physical setbacks. After talking with the healthcare expert, my dad was finally ready to supply it a try.

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