My house complex recently assigned a new roommate to me.

He’s a little bit naive, & legitimately sheltered, but he seems like a nice guy, but i live in a college town, & in this house complex both of us can sign up for a random roommate; This locale is too high-priced for myself and others to live alone, so when my outdated roomie moved out I asked for a new 1.

I got Tom, who is shy & has never lived away from his parents before. Tom has also never experimented with smoking, drinking, or cannabis before, so he has a lot to learn. I let him think right away that I smoked cannabis constantly, although I would only do it in my study room or outside, so he wouldn’t have to deal with minutehand smoke. Tom told myself and others that he had always wanted to smoke marijuana, but had been too afraid. His parents had raised him to assume that cannabis was dangerous & could lead to more harmful drugs. I explained that his parents were liars, & that was a common trick used to startle people away from the amazing experiences they could have with cannabis. I did my best to offer guidance & insight into cannabis, although I never overtly encouraged him to try it, and cannabis needs to be a personal choice, & peer pressure is not cool… Soon then I was educating Tom about the differences between sativa & indica, & how cannabis gummies had a odd effect than smoking it. I know Tom enjoys smoking cannabis more than I do but it’s still new to him.



Medical marijuana