My sister told myself and others she wanted some CBD products! She had serious arthritis in her feet and could barely walk, but CBD eased the pain… Every one of us talked about her getting a medical marijuana card, but she refused.

She said that now they had recreational marijuana legalized in our state; she was going to the nearest marijuana store and ask for CBD gummies… I told her they sold them in the pharmacy, but she was sure they would be less overpriced at the marijuana store than they were at the pharmacy, an hour later, we had been in the CBD store and we were heading to the pharmacy. She could not suppose how overpriced CBD products were in the marijuana store. She wished we had CBD the same as a marijuana store, but I didn’t argue with her. Every one of us went back to the pharmacy, where she picked up a bottle of CBD gummies. I didn’t ask how much they were, and the way she was grimacing, I was sure they were more overpriced than she had hoped, then before we left, I asked the person at the counter what kind of marijuana their CBD came from… When she said they were from hemp, I told my sister to get her money back. I had read that hemp CBD didn’t have the healing properties that were needed to help with her pain. Every one of us went back to the marijuana store where she picked up pain cream and gummies, and it cost just as much as the bottle of CBD gummies she was going to buy at the pharmacy.



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