My parents were stereotypical haters of medical marijuana when I was a kid.

I remember I had just been legalized in the first state out west back in the late 90s and they weren’t too happy about it.

Back then my parents used to say that cannabis was a gateway drug to things like crack cocaine and heroin. They were encouraging of me attending D.A.R.E. classes at school which did nothing but spread misinformation about drug use and alcohol abuse. First of all I have a really big problem with classifying alcohol as something other than a drug. To me it’s a drug among other drugs, and it should just be within the larger umbrella of drugs as a whole. But the problem is there’s all these traditions of people drinking alcohol going back millennia and they try to act like it’s something in its own category altogether. So when I was taking those classes at school, they fixated too much on marijuana and all of these Boogeyman type conspiracies. They suggested how one single attempt at smoking weed would cause you to slide into hardcore drug addiction. My parents believed all of this stuff, so it’s a shock to me these days to see them supportive of cannabis. My parents actually use CBD on a daily basis. They learned from their friends that CBD oil is really good at relieving joint and muscle pain, especially when it’s infused in a cream or lotion. They can apply it directly to the skin wherever they’re feeling pain and it’ll slowly absorb into the site. Since they like CBD so much, they no longer have hatred for the cannabis plant.


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