There is something special about smoking cannabis.

That pungent smell, the thickness of the smoke as it tickles my throat, the entire experience is something I greatly enjoy.

I have tried other ways to consume weed, but none of them are quite as good. Some of my friends have gotten into using a vape pen, but that never worked for me. Inhaling vapor doesn’t have the same kick to it as inhaling real smoke. With my new living situation, I have to step away from smoking cannabis, or at least not do it at home anymore. I used to live in a house with a yard, so the neighbors would never notice the smell of cannabis smoke. Now I live in a tiny apartment, surrounded on all sides by people who will report me to the landlord for smoking marijuana in my loft. It’s not like I can step outside to smoke marijuana, because there are other apartment buildings all around here. Living in the big city means I don’t have a yard, or anyplace truly private to relax and smoke OG Kush. I had to get creative, so I started to play around with different kinds of cannabis edibles. Eating cannabis leaves no odor, which makes it a safe alternative, but it’s just not quite as good as smoking buds. Regardless if the edibles are made with sativa or indica, they always have the same full-body effect. Smoking a fat bowl of cannabis goes right to my head and makes me giggly and happy. Cannabis edibles tend to just make me feel sleepy.


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