My buddies and I were bored so my pal and I made the decision to go fishing for the afternoon.

The weather was perfectly sunny when I picked up Jack and Brad and my pals and I decided to go directly to the marina! By the time my pals and I launched the boat, it had already started raining. I was actually hopeful that the rain would clear up and the sun would come out and shine brilliantly. Of course, it just continued to rain. Eventually my pals and I gave up and decided to go back to the marina. My wonderful friends and I still had some time on our hands and it was legitimately early in the afternoon! Jack recommended that my pals and I go to a marijuana dispensary on the other side of the bay. The drive is not too far from our home, although I thought it sounded exciting. I did not have anything else to do because I was planning to spend the afternoon fishing. My wonderful friends and I got to the marijuana dispensary around 3:00 in the afternoon. The place was not legitimately busy which was a major surprise. The marijuana dispensary near me is always busy on Sunday afternoon. The place is packed with a good amount of people and they do not even have the most suitable prices on marijuana in the city. When I got an opportunity to talk to the budtender, I instantly asked if the prices included taxes. The budtender told me that everything was including taxes. Sadly, when I got to the register to pay for all of my items the total was way higher than I expected it to be. I found out that the prices that were displayed did not include taxes in the least. I feel the budtender must have misunderstood the question altogether.

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