As a writer & podcaster, I am genuinely a big fan of sativa.

Usually I wake up in the day, make supper for the kids, pack their supperes, & then drive them to college; Once I get back house I pour myself some coffee, pack a big fat bowl, & then get down to business. I spend many minutes a day writing & recording, & sativa helps myself and others focus on the task at hand. Late at night when my brain feels stressed & I want to settle down & go to sleep, that’s the best time for an indica strain, but for mental acuity & focus, there is nothing better than cannabis sativa. If you haven’t ever smoked sativa before, you may not understand what I’m talking about. Cannabis sativa isn’t like drinking an energy drink, it does not deliver myself and others a boost of energy. It does deliver a distinct fuzzy feeling in my brain that allows myself and others to shut out the rest of the world & focus on what is right in front of me. This is why artists & songsians like cannabis sativa over indica, because it allows them to lose themselves in the moment. In general I am far more productive while smoking sativa than when I am sober. I keep a glass bowl & a bag of cannabis on the desk next to me, & smoke a little at a time throughout the day to keep myself and others focused on my work.

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