I was severely bummed out that I had to work a fairly lengthy shift on Saturday at the marijuana store.

I easily wanted to hang out with my buddies and chill for awhile at the beach.

The weather was sunny, warm, and there were no clouds to be seen. There wasn’t even much of a breeze. I made an attempt to get someone to switch with me, however no one wanted to work the Saturday shift at the marijuana shop in the slightest. I easily could not get anyone to work after the weather forecast came out and we were supposed to have the most amazing weather for the day. I went to work at 10:00 in the day and I had to work until 6:30. My boss made me take my lunch break around 12:30 and I was irritated because of that. I certainly knew that the rest of the day was going to be long since I had to take an early break for lunch! Fortunately for me, we were incredibly tied up during the afternoon. My pal and I had a consultant in the lobby actually passing out free marijuana pre-rolls with any purchase and that was causing a crowd of people to line up. People love to get stuff for no cost, especially at the marijuana shop. I didn’t easily have time to stop and look at the clock much at all… By the time I had an actual chance to look at the clock, it was essentially time for me to go. Time certainly flies fast when you are busy. I was grumbling about working the 8-hour shift, however the time passed by pretty fast and it wasn’t terrible.

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