My partner Ed in addition to myself have always loved partaking in cannabis.

In fact, I guess Ed and I met for the first time sharing some marijuana at a gathering.

It was a pretty good gathering in addition to we’re both quite sure that this was the first time Ed and I met. But it would take a few more months in addition to a shared class before Ed and I really got to be friends. Honestly, I guess it was a surprise for both of us that Ed and I sort of fell in love. There were plenty of sunny mornings where we’d share a little marijuana in the park in addition to just talk for hours. Ed and I still feel the same way after all these years in addition to even raising a family together. While Ed and I were raising our teenagers, my associate and I still used recreational marijuana periodically. Usually Ed and I would have to do some sort of romantic getaway in addition to leaving the teenagers with our parents. However, there are a few times where I could stink a bit of OG kush coming from the basement. So I skipped on down there to find Ed taking a puff or more than one in addition to I would join in. But now that the teenagers are grown, we’re taking our liking for cannabis to a whole other level. We’re lucky to live in a state that provides legal recreational marijuana. However, Ed and I also really like to travel to other states where cannabis is legal as well. Ed and I really do some of our vacations in regions where Ed and I can also care about shopping for marijuana for sale. I like finding new cannabis strains in exotic parts of the country. It’s a whole lot of fun in addition to Ed and I get to incorporate new experiences with new cannabis strains in addition to meeting new friends.


We enjoyed a lovely cannabis excursion