Through a series of events that had very little to do with me being intelligent or motivated, I wound up being the manager of this little pot dispensary.

I have heard this phenomenon described as “failing up.” I am an honest worker who never steals and is always on time.

I am also a good talker, and the customers all seem to like me. That was enough to give my career a boost. When the last store manager was fired, the corporate bosses put me in charge. I never planned on running a cannabis dispensary of my own, but so far I think I’m doing a pretty good job with it. The first thing I did was to rebrand the cannabis store, using the tagline “Here every day is 4/20.” I knew that the busiest day of the year for any cannabis dispensary is April 20th, which potheads consider a holiday. I wanted to bring that same joyous 4/20 feeling to the cannabis shop, so that every visit felt like a celebration. I put together a huge supply of gift bags, and every customer that buys over $100 worth of cannabis products gets a free gift bag. The gift bags contain any number of things, from stickers and decals for the shop to free cannabis edibles or drinks. Every bag has a discount coupon in it, entitling the bearer to 15% off their next cannabis purchase. People love getting free stuff, and sales have skyrocketed at the cannabis dispensary once I started giving out the weed gift bags.

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