This was something I was dreading.

I was sort of surprised when my therapist included the use of marijuana in my overall lifestyle change. But then again, this isn’t a typically modern sort of therapy. In some senses, I think this new, more holistic approach to life is the most traditional. I’ve come to this point in my life because nothing else was working. For sure, that could have been due to a lack of commitment on my part. But I tend to be committed to actions that make sense to me and are comfortable as well. That’s not how it went seeing psychiatrists and the like. So now, I’ve made my first trip to the local cannabis spot. There, I got the suggested cannabis products on my list. I have the indica strains for sale that will help me as I focus on improving my physical condition. I also picked up the sativa products that will help me with the mental and emotional side of my new direction. But there is so much more to this approach than the inclusion of marijuana. I’m changing everything almost. My diet will be completely different. I’ll now have boundaries when it comes to work. My rest and meditation time will be moved to the top of my priority list. It’s really all about focusing on who and what I am. The cannabis products will help but they are only part of it. There will be no more alcohol or cigars either. This was something I was dreading. But I’m a few weeks in now and I hardly miss drinking. And my body feels better than it has in a very long time. So does my head.

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