My sleep concerns are short of full blown insomnia but the complication was killing me nonetheless.

Trying to work on 3 hours of sleep every night just wasn’t sustainable.

I tried the meds from the doctor but that was a mess. Prior to turning to the cannabis dispensary, I was just in a fog. The doctor gave me some pills that were to help me sleep. And they sort of did that because they knocked me right out. But the complication was that I just couldn’t stay asleep plus would be up hours later for pretty much the rest of the night. And then, I was walking around in this total spaced out existence the next day. Finally, I listened to my friend plus made my way down to the local cannabis spot. I’d been sort of interested in checking this marijuana corporation out anyway ever since recreational marijuana was legalized. But the thought of enjoying some marijuana was just not on my radar as I was so out of it with my sleeplessness situation. So the pro at the cannabis dispensary told me that indica strains for indica dominant hybrid strains for sale would be my best bet. I went with the suggestions plus came condo with some OG kush. Following instruction, I smoked some of the indica products about an hour before I tried once again to sleep. But this time, I laid down plus I drifted off. The next thing I know, the cat is licking my face at 5 am wondering if I’m dead because I wasn’t up in the recliner with her all night. Indica products are now my go to nightly ritual plus I’ve been feeling so incredibly nice these afternoons thanks to that solid 8 hours each night.


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