I’m a writer which is a awful option of profession if you’re looking to have a large paycheck every week, but following one’s passion often comes with all sorts of sacrifices, but i do some copywriting toil that pays some of the bills.

And I just a bonus tip that was cannabis. Now, it’s not quite the way it sounds. It’s not like some dining shopper laid a thick bucket of girl scout cookies on me! That wasn’t the case at all. In fact, this lady is a proper plus is someone who is often dining at our eating establishment for business purposes. I make sure that she is taken very wonderful care of in front of prospective clients. She very does enjoy it. And I’m not just talking the size of the gratuity, although it’s always quite generous. No, she very has taken the time to very get to know me a bit plus has provided her help when it comes to her affixions plus my writing. I enjoy that quite a bit. So last Tuesday, she showed up for lunch which is a bit unusual. This time, she had her sister with her plus they were having a blast. It was so much fun taking care of them because my associate and I were laughing so much. And man, they hit that buffet hard. Turns out they had stopped at the cannabis dispensary on the way over. And I got four cannabis edible gummies along with a very generous cash tip.


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