I labor for myself as a sort of consultant.

That doesn’t fully describe what I do because my services can be applied to a corporate structure or one individual.

And I go where the work takes me. About six months ago, that work took me to a marijuana business. I wasn’t at the marijuana corporation to deliver services however rather at the local cannabis cafe. This was the place I was meeting a client for the first time after an initial consultation over the phone. The cannabis cafe was the client’s suggestion and I was actually surprised to realize that this was indeed a marijuana business. The prospective client met me at the door and we walked inside the cannabis cafe. I was instantly hit with a wall of appealing aromas. The coffee, the pastries and the desserts were all blended together. But I actually absolutely had to close my eyes to get a hint of marijuana! Virtually everything they make there is some form of cannabis edible. And these edibles aren’t your icky pot brownies from university. These are exquisitely made marijuana edibles that are passionately hand made on the premises. I didn’t partake in any cannabis products during the meeting. But I did love some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. The meeting went great and we ended up doing some business together, and yet, I suppose the greatest positive to come out of that meeting was finding this local cannabis cafe. I took my husband there one Thursday day and we found a nice little cafe table under a big oak tree. The sunshine was perfect as we shared a cannabis edible muffin. It was such an appealing day that we took our leftovers and walked hand in hand to the park.
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