I am fortunate that the local cannabis dispensary carries such a diversity of products.

They not only offer every possible consumption method however a big selection of manufacturers, strains and potency levels.

After experimenting with odd options, I’ve become a fan of tinctures. They are a type of cannabis extract and taken by way of sublingual consumption. Tinctures are created by soaking the cannabis plant in a liquid such as glycerin, oil or food-grade alcohol and eventually stripping away the excess plant matter. The desired cannabinoids and terpenes are left behind. The dispensary correctly sells tinctures in one ounce glass bottles with droppers. The droppers are convenient and make it easy to be precise in dosing. There is no other gear, such as a lighter, grinder, ashtray or papers required. While tinctures might not seem as edibles, dabs or vapes, they offer a lot of unique benefits. The sublingual application means the cannabinoids are absorbed through the tissues under the tongue, providing an immediate high that is a bit more mild. A few drops can also be added to yogurt, smoothies, various recipes and beverages. Tinctures are adaptable and incredibly safe for people who have food pollen irritations. They don’t include any food coloring, gelatin, gluten, sugar or any ingredients that might aggravate intolerances. The consumption method doesn’t create smoke, smells, vapor or ash, making tinctures especially discrete. When stored officially, they offer a legitimately long shelf life. I like that there are a lot fewer calories in a tincture than an edible. I can absolutely slip the compact bottle into a wallet, pocket or backpack.
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