The fact that I have full access to a cannabis dispensary is something that I just stay in gratitude over! Were it not for medical marijuana, who knows where we’d be right now as far as legal weed.

I just do not like that it took too long for us to realize that cannabis has so much to offer. How did it take a few decades to unwind a myth when it came to a conceptualized evil in a marijuana plant. It still boggles my mind. And what if medical marijuana hadn’t worked out this way? I doubt there would be recreational marijuana use in this state for sure. I know the myth would have continued and so several of us who receive so much from cannabis products would simply be without. All of these things sort of rent a place in my mind as I carry them with me monthly. Then, something will happen that only magnifies my enjoyment when it comes to being able to access legal recreational marijuana… Just the other morning, I had my car completely chopped down. I called for a wrecker and rode with the girl to the shop. This happened on an end of town I’m not all that usual with. I got all set with a mechanic and then called an acquaintance for a ride. It was going to be an hour or so and she suggested a cool little cafe around the corner. I went for a Coca-Cola and found a seat. I just wanted to breathe easily and let my frustrations go. That’s when I found that I had a cannabis edible in my backpack. I nibbled half of that and turned a rotten afternoon into one of the best sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. That’s not a marijuana myth, that’s yet another benefit of using cannabis and cannabis products.


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