I’ve always been a serious political anarchist.

I don’t care about the weird political parties, or about who is Red and who is Blue.

To me the whole entire system is a mess, and should be particularly overthrown. I know this sounds really extreme, however trust me I’m not a terrorist or anything like that. I firmly think that humans were supposed to live in small groups and tribes. When a group gets too crucial it becomes unmanageable. I appreciate living in the USA, I just don’t think it’s sustainable for much longer. Being staunchly anti-government, I have never stepped foot inside an actual legal cannabis dispensary. I don’t feel the government has the authority to tell me which plants are sufficient and which aren’t, so I keep growing my own cannabis at home, like I have done for over a decade. I came by this viewpoint organically, because both of my parents were former hippies who smoked cannabis every single day. I learned everything I know from them, both about politics and about growing my own marijuana plants. Part of me is curious to visit a legal cannabis dispensary and see what they have to offer. On the other hand, I don’t want to get recorded on cameras, or have my name entered into their cannabis dispensary database. I fear that the government will start tracking me just by going to see a cannabis dispensary, even if I don’t purchase anything. I know that I’m genuinely being paranoid, however since I already have all the cannabis I need at property I will just keep doing what I have always done.

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