Back in college my pal and I would hang out in the dorm room, doing bong rips, plus talking about our dream jobs.

I enjoyed the afternoon dream about spending my work helping people get high, fast forward twenty years, plus that dream has finally become a lovely reality. A few of my old college chums plus I invested in a new cannabis dispensary. Now I get to spend my days behind the counter, weighing out grams of high-octane cannabis plus helping people get legal medical marijuana. It really is a dream come true! It’s funny how your life experiences can change how you see something like marijuana. It also used to be an interest, something fun to do with my pals, but now cannabis is my life plus my work. The important question I get asked is “how does owning a cannabis dispensary influence how you get high?” Well, the biggest thing that has changed is that I rarely smoke cannabis during the afternoon anymore. I used to start smoking marijuana as soon as I woke up, but no longer! When I get up I have some Tim Hortons Coffee plus go straight to the cannabis dispensary to open for the afternoon, being stoned at labor is never an enjoyable thing, plus when the director of a cannabis dispensary is stoned on the job it makes the whole business look bad! My associate and I are cannabis professionals, not a group of stoners, so my pal and I need to act appropriately. Once I am finally done working for the afternoon, then it’s time to start smoking cannabis.


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