Getting high on another cruise ship is straight-forward, however you have to be prepared for it.

This was the first time I had ever been on a cruise ship, so I did a lot of research before my good friend and I left port. My cruise was simply part of a package deal, which meant it included my room, all amenities, free meals, and open bars. With all that stuff taken care of, the only thing I had left to worry about was cannabis! Going for another whole week separate from smoking cannabis didn’t sound like a fun trip to me. I found out that while it is also particularly straight-forward to smuggle cannabis onto the ship, it’s almost impossible to smoke it. The entire ship is a smoke-free zone, for cigarettes and cannabis. I had no option however to go smokeless, so I went to the local cannabis dispensary and explained my plight to the budtenders. They were fully prepared, and showed me a wide range of cannabis products that would produce no smoke, and no strong smell. I loaded up on several weird types of edibles, and also obtained a vape pen for the first time in my life. The problem with the vape pen is that it doesn’t have the same feel as smoking real cannabis, even though it did get me particularly high. I obtained enough smokeless cannabis products to last for three weeks, and tried my best to use all of them within one week! It was one heck of a cruise, from what I remember.


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