For years, I had spent more time sitting in the corner of my kitchen plus crying; I couldn’t say why I was crying, or why I couldn’t stop.

I just knew that I felt so distraught plus alone that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live or die.

Dad came up to my kitchen one afternoon; He said nothing, although he sat down on the floor plus pulled me into a hug. He told me he remembered going through the same thing when he was a teenager. His healthcare worker recommended he tried antidepressants, Dad said he hated taking antidepressants, although he wasn’t huddled in the room’s corner all the time, but now, all he was doing was sleeping all the time. I hated I was laughing, but dad always knew what to say to make me feel better. He asked if I wanted to try medical marijuana, then there were a lot of modern studies out that made it sound like medical marijuana may be better for depression than anything else. It had to be used responsibly, plus only as directed, but if I wanted, he would help me get the medical marijuana card, plus he would be the caretaker. I never thought dad would help me get medical marijuana without talking to mom first. He told me to let him handle mom, although he was getting me medical marijuana for my depression. I finally felt like there was hope for me plus the depression I was experiencing; Mom came up later that night plus told me she had an appointment with the healthcare worker the next afternoon; She had already discussed medical marijuana with him.



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