When the state legalized recreational marijuana, my good pals were fairly excited.

They could not wait to go to the weed store.

I wanted to know what is so amazing about a weed store. They may have a good supply of cannabis products on display and you get to see what you are buying, and I suppose you don’t need to worry about buying marijuana, unless you’re still buying from a street seller. You can legally walk into the marijuana dispensary, as long as you are over twenty-one years of age and have ID to prove it. You are entirely unable to smoke marijuana in public, but you can easily purchase it. I feel that’s a fantastic thing, I suppose. I liked that my good pal and I could walk into the weed store and see what my friend and I wanted. My associate and I can ask any questions about the hybrid products and get satisfying answers that make sense. My associate and I know the marijuana my friend and I purchase at the weed store isn’t going to be laced with fentanyl or something else that might kill you. Other than that, I just wanted someone to tell me what is so enjoyable about a cannabis dispensary. My lady shook her head and told me I was too outdated to understand this type of thing. I was no older than she was, and I didn’t understand any of it. She told me you had to have used marijuana to know why going into a weed store and buying it was so cool. You never had to be stressed about getting arrested and put in jail now that you could buy marijuana in a legal weed store. I had to admit, that made a lot of sense to me. I was too outdated in mind and not in body I guess.