I know that not everyone needs cannabis delivery.

It is nice because as a cannabis delivery driver; I have job security. Although marijuana delivery isn’t a necessity for numerous people, it is surely easier for them. Some people travel a lot for work. They will put in their marijuana delivery order, get dwelling plus unwind for the weekend, plus their marijuana delivery arrives in time to help them fully unwind. I’m not even sure that I would use marijuana delivery if I were a user, but I know numerous people who do. My aunt is almost blind, plus she doesn’t drive. I have often done marijuana deliveries to her home. I get the chance to provide her a hug, tell her I care about her, plus offer to bring her to the dwelling over the weekend. She seldom takes me up on the offer, even though she thanks me for being her marijuana delivery driver. There are several people who want marijuana delivery just because they feel it is beneath them to go to the dispensary. They openly make snide remarks about the type of person who stands outside the marijuana dispensary for a long time, just to get their weekend fix. They don’t feel about themselves putting in an order at the same dispensary, plus having a marijuana delivery repair to provide them their weekend fix. I feel it is all in the way you view marijuana delivery. Some people use it to keep themselves anonymous, while others use marijuana delivery because they can’t really get to the dispensary.
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