I can’t imagine getting benefits from an entry level position nowadays, however it isn’t impossible.

There are a number of jobs where you can get a benefits package assuming you’re hired as a full time employee, but when my friend started his job at the sizable box hardware store, he was surprised to learn this during his employee orientation seminar… He was listening to the talk from the supervisor there and that’s when he found out he could get benefits if he became a full-time employee, however and it’s not even like you have to labor at that business for 10 years to get an offer for this type of employment, and they would hire full-time workers all to throw out the season.

When you get full-time labor at a business like that you get a full benefits package, but beyond health and life insurance, there was also the chance to get a full 401K as a full-time employee of the hardware store. The cannabis dispensary I labor at also offers full-time jobs with benefits packages, i shall give you a 401K retirement with medical insurance. This is legitimately good news for anybody laboring in the cannabis dispensary that is currently stuck as a part-time employee. I never knew when I entered the Cannabis industry that I could one day get a 401k just for laboring inside the dispensary… Part of my job is just dealing with the cannabis dispensary software every day and helping out coworkers with any glitches. It’s a long and involved process whenever I have to call somebody to deal with something happening with our cannabis dispensary software.

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