When I was in college, I thought there would be nothing cooler than being a cannabis grower.

I wasn’t into being a cannabis grower to sell it as much as I wanted to have a guaranteed supply of weed. That was the big element of recreational marijuana when I was younger, it was all about the supply. I hated paying someone I didn’t know for weed that I knew nothing about. I didn’t know the THC satisfied or even whether I was getting sativa strains or indica product. But try as I might, I just couldn’t bring myself to start growing my own marijuana. So when medical marijuana was legalized, I was so glad because I figured that there would some afternoon be legal weed altogether. Well as it turned out, that happened quicker than I thought. And quickly, all those decades of not knowing just where my next lid of cannabis was coming from was all over. It was such an amazing feeling. These afternoons, I’ve turned that straight job into a big time supplier. I hardly even work there anymore as I’m just on the board. So with my extra time, I’ve been considering laboring part time at the local cannabis spot. This is something that I want to do as well as is sort of my dream job next to being a cannabis grower. So I’ve been putting in applications around neighborhood to the peculiar cannabis dispensaries. I not only have a passion for marijuana however I have a good deal of useful knowledge as well. I’d entirely like to help a marijuana supplier do their thing as well as I appreciate making people smile.

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