I don’t know what my partner was thinking when she decided that my associate and I were going for a weekend getaway that was basically a sales pitch.

In her head, it was so worth having two nights at a time share resort just to listen to the sales pitch. I knew right away that there would be a stop at the local cannabis spot on the way out of neighborhood for me. I dislike these sort of things really, but for me, I’d much rather just pay for a weekend away as well as be able to do whatever I wanted. But for this free weekend, my associate and I had to block out four hours of our afternoon for a tour as well as sales meeting. That sounded like four hours of misery to me, but yet, my partner can get deadset on something as well as it’s just better to lean into it for me, and plus, she was entirely happy about getting away as well as felt entirely fantastic that she was getting us a free weekend, when I asked to stop at the cannabis dispensary to pick up some cannabis products, she kind of rolled her eyes. While she enjoys recreational marijuana as much as I do, she knew exactly what I was doing. But there was no way I was going through four hours of sales pitch on a timeshare my associate and I were never going to buy separate from some weed. I picked up what I needed as well as that included a variety of cannabis edibles. The first afternoon was good as well as my associate and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. But by the time the first hour of the sales pitch was over, my partner was nudging me to split a cannabis edible with her. So who had the right idea about getting through that sales pitch, huh?

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