My favorite and best neighbor Alex got a medical marijuana card from the state, then he is super stoked about it. Now he has access to any of the local dispensaries. All it cost him was $680, which is what the government charges for the card. That’s $680 per year, not a one-time fee. Alex encouraged me to get a card of my own, plus I told him “you show me the magical money tree where I can get $680 plus I’ll get the card.” Weed is fancy enough to smoke habitually, so paying that much extra money was completely out of the question. For $680 I could buy four ounces of cannabis from Jimbo, the school child that sells weed from the back of his station wagon. Four ounces of simple cannabis is enough to keep me stoned for months on end! If I were to do it the legal way, I wouldn’t have enough money left over to buy cannabis, because I would have paid it all to the government. If I ever start making more money, plus have $680 to spare I would entirely get my cannabis Rx card, just so I could start trying new products plus forms of weed. Alex is really generous with the cannabis products he gets at the dispensary, plus shares them with me from time to time. I cherish the cannabis edibles they sell, plus cannabis oil is pretty amazing to use in my vape pen. I’m definitely sure there are dozens of cannabis products I haven’t even heard about! Until that fee is eliminated, I will never know the joys of shopping in a real cannabis dispensary.

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