I yearn for the outdated afternoons, when medical cannabis was hard to acquire.

I was the store employer for a state-owned dispensary, plus I was as bored plus lonely as the outdated Maytag Repair Man from the TV commercials.

There were some afternoons that I had zero shoppers while in an eight hour shift! I did a lot of learning back then, plus even took a couple of supplier classes online so I could put in for a promotion. Two years ago the voters of this state decided to change the laws. Now the rules for medical plus recreational cannabis use are undoubtedly relaxed, plus my boring afternoons in the dispensary are a thing of the past. I can no longer put my feet up plus read a book, because there is always a long line of people waiting to come into the cannabis dispensary. I feel more like a bartender than a budtender, because the cannabis consultations seem to never stop. Things would be weird if my pay went up. I got paid the same amount to do nothing as I do now, when I am legit slammed busy all afternoon long at the cannabis dispensary. I am not an owner, I am an employee who is on salary, which means I don’t get a percentage of the profits from the cannabis dispensary. I either need to renegotiate my contract with the state, or start putting in resumes at other cannabis dispensaries in the area. If I’m going to have to work this difficult I need a lot more money.

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