As much as I appreciated the idea of getting legal, recreational marijuana, the weed store was too far away from us.

The nearest weed store to me was basically twenty miles away.

I could not imagine kneeling in the automobile and actually smelling the marijuana products for as long as forty-five minutes, and not being able to use it. I called the local weed store and asked if they could do delivery service. I told her where I lived, and she told me they hadn’t set up marijuana delivery service in our area just yet, but eventually there would be. I could come into the marijuana dispensary and get my order. I could put the order online and get it if I was coming into town. Once I had been put in the PC system, I would be updated on sales they were having, and news about when marijuana delivery would be offered. That weekend, I went to a weed store to check out their menu. They had plenty of interesting marijuana products, and I would have been broke if I bought everything that looked good. I picked out four marijuana products and took them back to my residence. While at the weed store, I filled out the paperwork that would supply me sales notices and cannabis dispensary information. I get into town about once every other week, so going to the weed store won’t be a hardship, but I can’t wait until they offer delivery services in my area, because that would be convenient. I’m being told there could be another marijuana dispensary put in our section. When that happens, I’ll be going to that marijuana dispensary, and hopefully signing up for their excellent delivery services.


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