When I want to relax, unwind, plus forget about the stresses of my life, I cherish some weed.

However when I need to focus, get psyched up for the afternoon, plus get things done, I also cherish smoking weed! It’s lovely plus strange to me how the same plant can produce whatever results I need them to. I definitely believe that cannabis responds to my brain in a way nothing else does. This duality is what makes it so special, plus so helpful in my monthly life. I was about to start a really long road trip, one that would require me to drive 16 hours straight, so I loaded up on caffeine plus cannabis. In order to simply stay focused on the road all night long I would need a steady supply of high octane cannabis to keep me sharp. It goes separate from saying that cannabis sativa is the best to achieve the results I need. Indica strains are great, but entirely provide me with a weary vibe when I smoke them. Sativa strains keep me alert plus razor sharp, no matter how much of them I smoke. I did pack some Indica as well, to help me settle down once I reached the destination. I had to be careful when I packed my gear, because the last thing I wanted was to accidentally smoke indica instead of sativa while on the road. This is what I really cherish the most about using cannabis products, because they can produce the precise results you need, if you know what you’re doing! Ok, it’s definitely time to hit the road.


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