The book club meetings used to be hosted by Jenny, who to put it gently was a fussy old biddy.

Jenny was great, and really loved books, but the meetings just weren’t much fun.

After a few months the attendance started to decline. We started with fifteen ladies in the book club, but once our numbers dwindled to seven of us, I realized we had to make a change. I told Jenny that I wanted to take over the meetings. She was salty about it, but finally agreed. Then I told her my plan was to hold the meetings in the smokers lounge at the local cannabis dispensary, and she was aghast! Jenny is an old woman, set in her ways, and she has spent her whole life thinking cannabis was dangerous. Everyone else in the book club loved the idea, so the following month we held our first meeting at the cannabis dispensary. There was a little confusion at first, because some members are older and can’t be around secondhand cannabis smoke because it affects their breathing. They were relieved to find that there was no second cannabis smoke, because the only products allowed in the lounge are smokeless. For the first couple of meetings I bought cannabis edibles for everyone, just to demystify the situation and make them feel more comfortable. No one is required to use cannabis products for the book club, of course, it’s 100% optional for everyone. I am supremely stoned for every meeting, mostly due to the high-octane cannabis drinks I like to sip during the meeting.

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