I had really disappointing acne.

I tried everything when I was a kid and a young adult.

I did proactive, scrub and clear and neutrogena. I did all natural products made out of fruits, nuts and veggies. I started going for facials biweekly and using a steamer on the regular. Nothing seemed to make a difference in my skin. I then did some googling and found that a lot of people had luck with their skin when they used cannabis. You can use cannabis to reduce inflammation in the body… That would make the red, irritated acne look a little more normal. Also, cannabis is known for reducing the amount of sebum the face and body produces. What is that? It is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores and creates acne. I started out vaping cannabis oil and using a topical on my face. I wasn’t all that happy about it. I didn’t suppose it would really work, then right away I observed that my skin was less red and the spots had dried out. Now with usual hygiene, respected cleaning my pillow cases and using the topical at night, I don’t have 74% of the breakouts I used to. A few spots crop up here and there, however nothing like before. I am debating messing with my dose to see if I can get my skin totally clear. How great would that be? I am in my late 20s, I shouldn’t have the problems with acne that I do. Having natural product work is really wonderful.


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