My entire extended family smokes cannabis products.

Well, perhaps not every single person, however most of us do.

This has been going on for quite a few years, even though I only was able to find out about it recently when I became 18 years of age. The children of the family are basically always kept in the dark about the “adult activities” & for pretty good reason! My Aunt happens to be a cop, & my Grandma is a politician, so it wouldn’t be the wisest move to let the general public know they both enjoy recreational cannabis, would it? Now that I am aged enough they trust me to keep the family secret, & they don’t really care if I use cannabis even though I need to be extra careful about it. This isn’t a problem for me at all, because in this state medical cannabis has been legal for a few years. I don’t have a prescription for medical cannabis, however that doesn’t necessarily matter. The point is that local cops don’t really care about cannabis use, so unless I spark up a joint in public nobody will really mind or notice. I do have to run pick-ups for my family on occasion, & buy them the cannabis they don’t want to get themselves. It would look pretty awful if they went into a cannabis dispensary, so they had me buy weed from my friends. Until recreational cannabis use is legalized, I will constantly know people who sell weed. I have never told anyone this, & only posted it here because it’s totally anonymous, even though I know it’s great that I buy weed for a cop & a state politician. I can’t put it on my resume, however it’s still pretty awesome.

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