My mother used to chant to be more careful to me as a little girl! I was constantly dropping things, breaking things or overdoing it.

I am not the most careful of adults, then when I make a pasta dish, I tend to over season it. When I put hot sauce on my chicken, I go way too hardcore. I also work out too hard, ruin my excruciating headphones by not folding them properly plus I am rough on my appliances. I just can’t seem to be calm plus steady. For A long time I was a flower cannabis user. I liked rolling my own joint. I realized that rolling the flower was for someone with careful hands. I would lose half my product to the floor, and most of the time I overpacked the paper plus made it too fat. It wouldn’t be a really nice smoke at all. I then learned you can buy a pack of pre-rolls. You can get one flavor in a four or 6 pack. I didn’t need to roll them at all. Yeah, it is a bit more money when you total it up! However, I feel like I am saving money doing this since I am not losing any more products; All the cannabis I buy genuinely goes into my system. I don’t need to mess around with an ashtray, grinder, lighter or rolling papers anymore. I can just light plus go. It is way easier plus better for someone as aggressive plus rough as myself. I am a full on pre-roll woman now.

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