There is easily little excitement in our town.

It is a quiet village about fifteen miles outside of town, and nothing ever happens.

At least, nothing happened until last year when they put a marijuana dispensary in our area. There were less than fifty houses in the area, and someone thought it was wise to put a marijuana dispensary here. The entire shopping part was a diner that was only open until 2 PM, a bank, two gas stations, and a convenience store, then now there was also a marijuana dispensary. The funny thing, was that there was always company at the marijuana dispensary. Then last week, all that changed. I heard the fire alarm go off, and rushed to the firehall. There was a fire in the middle of village that had pretty much everyone panicking. The buildings were close and just one on fire could cause all the buildings to go up in flames. We were all cheering when the fire was put out because nothing else was affected. What confused us, was that my pal and I were happier than my pal and I should be, and some of us were tired or angry. It was then my pal and I realized the fire had disfigurementd the cannabis dispensary. It had caused the storage room to catch fire, where they kept the excess marijuana. There was just enough marijuana in that area, that my pal and I were all getting high from the smell, however for the next hour, none of us were ourselves, and my pal and I could not wait until the marijuana dispensary was open again, by the time the marijuana high wore off, my pal and I were back to ourselves.
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