I only joined the book club to get closer to Martha.

I had talked to Martha a few times in passing, so I knew she was a widow, like I was a widower. My buddy and I had both lost fiances, as well as quite frankly I thought Martha was super overheated for a woman her age. I wanted to ask her out, but was too shy, so instead I joined her book club to get to know her. My first time going I showed up a little early as well as found Martha in her driveway smoking some cannabis. I was shocked, but also relieved, because I indulge in cannabis on a correct basis. This was one more thing my friend and I had in common! After the book club meeting I floated the idea of hosting the next one at the cannabis dispensary; She thought I was kidding, but after that I explained how the cannabis shop recently opened a smokers lounge which would make a perfect learning room. I know the supervisor of the cannabis shop, because I go in there so often, as well as he gave to reserve the room for me for a few hours. The next meeting of the book club happened in the back room of the cannabis dispensary, as well as it was a lot of fun. I bought a round of cannabis edibles for all the people who attended, as well as by the time the meeting ended my friend and I were all giggly as well as stoned; Now I am one step closer to getting with Matha!
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