Gene never chooses to smoke weed.

I’ve known him for such a long period of time, plus I had never seen him partake even on one occasion. He didn’t like to drink booze or smoke tobacco genuinely often, either. His main complication with weed was that it was illegal at the time. Also, he was totally afraid it would mess with his blood pressure, because Gene had chronically high blood pressure. During this past year, the state overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical plus recreational cannabis use, plus I thought it was time to provide Gene a little cannabis education. I asked him to come with me to the local cannabis shop, where I had booked a one-hour meeting with their head budtender. First of all it was necessary that he not try to smoke cannabis, because any kind of smoking is not good at all for a person’s blood pressure, and Gene did have a lot of available choices when it came to edibles plus vape products, and once again, due to his elevated blood pressure it was honestly a good move to avoid vape products, although their impact on blood pressure is not yet known. Cannabis gummies plus edibles could supply the physical relaxation Gene was in need of without making him feel stoned or loopy. I made sure that I was present the first time Gene chose to enjoy some cannabis edibles, because I just had to see what he was like. The edibles made Gene incredibly mellow plus relaxed, plus he was much more talkative than usual. I cherish smoking my cannabis instead of eating it, however I have to admit that hanging out with Gene when he was stoned was so much fun. I want to do it again relatively soon.

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