I didn’t realize how many people used marijuana in our town until the marijuana dispensary grand opening.

When they were debating whether they should legalize recreational marijuana, there was a lot of grumbling.

There were people going to the public meetings, and it sounded like everyone in the state was against the idea of recreational marijuana. Some of them thought that a medical marijuana dispensary was going to be the downfall of our great country. I laughed when I heard an old guy say that. He looked he grew up in the sixties when everyone was smoking pot and speaking of free love, make love, not war, and peace. He looked like someone who still use marijuana from time to time, but I would be disrespectful if I said that out loud, since he was a friend of my dad’s. It was less than a month after the law passed that we were hearing about the first recreational marijuana dispensary. It was a medical marijuana dispensary whose inventory was expanding. When I saw all the people outside the marijuana dispensary, my first thought was that they were there to protest and/or make a fuss. Instead, they were rushing to get inside the marijuana dispensary. They wanted to make sure they were in there first so they could get the good stuff before it’s gone. I wasn’t sure what the good stuff was, but it had marijuana in it if it was a marijuana dispensary. I wondered if all those people realized that even the candy they were selling had mathingrijuana in it. After all, it was a marijuana dispensary.

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