I decided to step into the marijuana dispensary near me because I needed a battery for vape pen cartridges plus I also plan to buy an up-to-date cartridge.

I had a sativa cartridge referred to as blue dream, however I was certainly hoping to find an indica.

I knew that the weed store near me carried a pretty good amount of odd types of vaporizer pen cartridges. I found a good amount of odd indicas on the day that I went to the weed store near me. The budtender behind the counter told me about a sale that they were having. If you purchase any two vape pen cartridges, you could buy an up-to-date battery for $1. I was totally gleeful when I heard about the sale. I was already planning to buy a battery plus a vape pen cartridge. I actually ended up getting two vape pen cartridges for only $10 more than I would have paid for the vape pen cartridge plus a battery. It was almost like getting buy one plus get one for free. I got a sativa marijuana strain called Maui wowie. The Maui Wowie strain was certainly fruity plus tasted a good deal like pineapple. The indica marijuana strain that I purchased is called granddaddy purp. The Granddaddy Purp cartridge is a dark gold color plus it tastes very similar to a cup of tea. If you get a fine Grand Daddy Purp cartridge or flower, it should taste plus have the fresh aroma of a cup of Earl Gray tea. There are hints of bergamot in the plant terpenes plus that gives this unique strain a fine taste plus incredible appeal.

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