I eventually went to the dispensary to buy some marijuana pre-rolls as well as I had to use the bathroom while I was there.

I had a tasty burrito for dinner as well as it was talking to me in a mean loud voice.

I went into the bathroom as well as was inside for at least 10 or 15 minutes. I tried to flush the toilet, but nothing happened. I hit the button on the back of the toilet 5 or 10 times but it did not sound like anything was happening. I removed the lid from the toilet two chicks the back of the full. There was just nothing going on in there either. I told someone at the front desk that the bathroom toilet was not flushing. I put a bunch of paper towels on top of the mess that I made so it did not look too bad. I heard a security officer start yelling in the bathroom as well as then there was water all over the floor. The next thing I know, almost everyone in the dispensary had to leave. They also had to call a plumbing supplier plus a waste supplier to wash up all of the mess. I know the bathroom problems might have been worse because of me as well as that made me feel awful. I was the last woman to use the toilet as well and after that they had to close the shop down for the next few hours while they waited on a plumber. Is it even possible that my devilish super burrito with extra guac as well as sour cream caused all of those problems at the marijuana dispensary?

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