I won four hundred bucks with a lottery scratch-off ticket; This is highly unusual, because I rarely play the lottery! In fact, I can’t tell you the last time I bought a lottery ticket, so it must have been several years ago.

I bought it as a lark, because I was stoned as well as had 2 extra bucks after I bought budweiser as well as smokes, then what the heck, I thought, let’s just spend the last two bucks on a scratch off ticket as well as see what happens… Hallelujah, for once I got lucky as well as won some money! Even though I had just come from the cannabis dispensary I took my winnings as well as went straight back inside! Earlier I had seen that there was a one-day-only sale on a current premium strain of OG Kush called Ultimate Kush. It was marked down 35% off, but only for the morning. With my newly won money I went up to the counter as well as took fortune of the discount of OG Kush. If you have never smoked it before, OG Kush is light as well as effervescent, with a strong taste that is both earthy as well as sweet. The main benefit of smoking OG Kush is that it provides an intense high that leaves me clear-headed. It is my personal favorite strain of cannabis, so I spent all the money I had on it. That kicked off a certainly fun week for me, because never in my life did I have such access to OG Kush. I smoked out all morning, every morning, until I ran out of cannabis; Easy come, self-explanatory go.

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