I won four hundred bucks with a lottery scratch-off ticket.

In fact, I can’t tell you the last time I bought a lottery ticket, so it must have been many years ago. I bought it as a lark, because I was stoned and had 2 extra bucks after I bought beer and smokes. What the heck, I thought, let’s just spend the last two bucks on a scratch off ticket and see what happens. Hallelujah, for once I got lucky and won some money! Even though I had just come from the cannabis dispensary I took my winnings and went straight back inside! Earlier I had seen that there was a one-day-only sale on a new premium strain of OG Kush called Ultimate Kush. It was marked down 35% off, but only for the day. With my newly won money I went up to the counter and took advantage of the discount of OG Kush. If you have never smoked it before, OG Kush is light and effervescent, with a strong taste that is both earthy and sweet. The main benefit of smoking OG Kush is that it provides an intense high that leaves me clear-headed. It is my personal favorite strain of cannabis, so I spent all the money I had on it. That kicked off a really fun week for me, because never in my life did I have such access to OG Kush. I smoked out all day, every day, until I ran out of cannabis. Easy come, easy go.

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