Headaches can be really debilitating, especially during jobs where you have to use your brain a lot, however i worked in a bank during the time when I had the most migraines plus it really affected my toil performance.

I took all of the over-the-counter medications I was suggested , but none of them seem to help abate the pain in my head.

I have consumed more acetaminophen plus ibuprofen than anybody I know or have met, plus I am not proud of it. I started looking on the internet to see if there were solutions found by other people with my problem. There were a lot of people on the internet saying that medical cannabis was really beneficial for headaches plus migraines, but however I had learn a lot of misinformation over the years about cannabis plus I was reluctant to use it myself; And after trying medical cannabis with a friend of mine who has been a medical cannabis patient for several years, I changed my mind about marijuana. It instantly lowered my pain threshold. It had a bigger effect on my physical pain from my migraines than any other drug I tried to that point. I do not mind using medical cannabis to treat my headaches plus migraines because if I did not I would be half the person I am today, but medical cannabis gives me the strength to get through the horrible pain I experience from these bad headaches plus migraines, then without medical cannabis, I would be a shell of a human being. I am seriously grateful to have medical cannabis in my life.
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