I am a big supporter of THC plus CBD bath bombs.

I stock up on them plus frequently use them. I like having a variety of bath bombs that are made for strange things. For example, my preferred bath bomb to use is one with more of a CBD blend that is meant to relax me. I feel it right away when I go into the water. I felt calm plus relaxed to the point where I nearly fell asleep. Typically I take a bath every night before bed. The bomb soothes me to sleep, I dry off, put on my PJs plus I have a easily good night. It has been quite the lifesaver since I had issues with insomnia a year ago. I periodically do a daytime soak if I have issues with muscle pain, and sometimes I go way too hardcore with a workout. Instead of icy hot, ice or a heating pad, the bath bomb does the trick. It reduces inflammation plus relaxes my muscles. I then make sure to stretch after the bath plus I feel so much better, but bath bombs are good for people with stress or depression too. You can calm down your mind with a THC infused bath bomb. It will not be as potent as smoking the product, however it gets the job done. I notice the bath bomb working when I get into the water. I don’t even need to soak for long to get the effects. I also like not having to smoke or eat cannabis. There is something easily charming about just resting on my butt, learning a book plus getting the benefits.

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