When I reached out to yet another healthcare worker to help me with this different muscle spasm condition, I was pleasantly surprised, he was yet another specialist in a long line of specialist to review my case.

And this time, I got the sort of candor plus strategy that I could at least appreciate.

He basically told me that the cause was mystifying plus that management of the condition was in order. And he laid out possibilities which included medical cannabis, then this was a far cry from the other healthcare worker’s who kept running test after test after test plus coming back with nothing that helped. The meds either put me to sleep or left me in a fog! Without the meds, I was afraid to transfer much because I the spasms in my back plus legs could render me useless plus in pain. This healthcare worker recommended that medical marijuana might be the sort of thing that I should at least try. Medical marijuana was legal in our state plus the specialist was able to help me when it came to how to get a medical marijuana card. That was easy however I wasn’t getting my hopes up during my first visit to the legal weed store, then yet once I was there, I was met with both compassion plus confidence from the staff of the medical cannabis dispensary. They gave me multiple unusual kinds of cannabis products to try. I tried the cannabis flower products first. I was amazed by the medical marijuana benefits that I experienced pretty much instantaneously. And it’s only gotten better.


Medical marijuana