After waiting for several years, I finally got a option to go inside a real cannabis dispensary, many of you are entirely thinking “big deal, so what?” But for me it was a particularly big deal! In my state, the locale I have lived all my life, weed is still 100% illegal.

There isn’t even an exemption for medical cannabis, it’s all banned! Because I learn about legal weed, & watched videos online all the time, I yearned for a option to see how the other half lived.

It took a while, but finally I got my chance. When I was visiting my online lady Bobbi on the west coast, I finally got to walk around a cannabis dispensary, & it was marvelous! I could tell that Bobbi was a little embarrassed because I was acting like such a rube. I even took some pics on my iPhone of the cannabis products, because no one back dwelling would suppose there were so several of them! The budtenders there were particularly cool, & gave me some ideas for how to legally obtain cannabis in my dwelling state. My pal and I must have spent an hour in the cannabis dispensary, & then Bobbi finally dragged me out of there & back to her locale. The next afternoon I wanted to go back to the store & buy some weird kinds of cannabis products… Bobbi asked me “did you come out here to see me, or to buy cannabis?” I told her that truthfully the answer was “both” & she wasn’t super glad about that.

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