After waiting for many years, I finally got a occasion to go inside a real cannabis dispensary, and many of you are really thinking “big deal, so what?” But for me it was a honestly big deal! In my state, the place I have lived all my life, weed is still 100% illegal. There isn’t even an exemption for medical cannabis, it’s all banned! Because I read about legal weed, plus watched videos online all the time, I yearned for a occasion to see how the other half lived. It took a while, however finally I got my chance. When I was visiting my online boyfriend Bobbi on the west coast, I finally got to walk around a cannabis dispensary, plus it was marvelous! I could tell that Bobbi was a little embarrassed because I was acting like such a rube. I even took some pics on my phone of the cannabis products, because no one back household would feel there were so many of them! The budtenders there were honestly cool, plus gave me some ideas for how to legally obtain cannabis in my household state. My friend and I must have spent an hour in the cannabis dispensary, plus then Bobbi finally dragged me out of there plus back to his place. The next afternoon I wanted to go back to the store plus buy some strange kinds of cannabis products, however bobbi asked me “did you come out here to see me, or to buy cannabis?” I told his that really the answer was “both” plus he wasn’t super cheerful about that.


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