I have two little boys under the age of 5.

I work from home and take care of my kids.

I try to set a good example for my kids. I eat healthy, work out and I take time to work on my mental health. My kids and I are constantly going for bike rides, long swims and playing in the yard. At night when the boys go to bed, I like to smoke cannabis. I like that marijuana soothes me to sleep and relaxes my mind. After a long day of work and being hands on with the kids, I need something to chill me out. I used to smoke flower form. I liked a joint or a pipe in a pinch. With my boys I don’t want that smell around the house. I also don’t want to go outside every night when I smoke. I changed to an oil form that I vape. Vaping cannabis is so much easier. I just load in a cartridge, hit the button that burns the oil and I inhale. What is nice is that the vapor has no smell. I can smoke in the house and there is no lingering residue. I also don’t have the scent on my clothing or hair. Frequently one of my boys will crawl into bed with me. I don’t want him to associate mom with the smell of weed. I know that cannabis is legal and treated like a normal pharmacy drug. I don’t want to normalize smoking though. I also don’t want to normalize any kind of drug use, even if it is legal.


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