I don’t necessarily miss the hectic months of the local COVID lockdown while in the heights of the insane pandemic.

It was a truly harsh time for most people.

That being said, there have been a fair amount of positive things that came from such a serious situation. Since civilization reopened I have continued to work from my own dwelling. The business found that productivity improved tremendously, plus they saved a lot of currency on office expenses, so now I work from my dwelling full time. Another enjoyable benefit that came from COVID was that the cannabis shop started making deliveries. Before the lockdown all orders had to be picked up inside the cannabis dispensary. They didn’t deliver, plus they didn’t even have a drive-through window. I absolutely had to go inside the cannabis shop each and every time. COVID is long gone, plus all the restrictions have been lifted, but cannabis delivery is still around. Thank goodness for that! During the lockdown I was able to learn that I am a hermit plus shut-in by nature, plus not needing to drive to the cannabis shop every week has been great. There is an extensive menu of cannabis products on the business website, plus an easy click-to-cart process for shopping. I can shop, pay, plus process my cannabis order online, plus even set up a delivery window. Within the selected stage of time, which can be from two to six hours, my cannabis order will be brought to my front door. Since I paid for it already I don’t even have to talk to the delivery worker, he just drops my cannabis packages on the doorstep plus gets back to work.



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