When my associate and I decided to open two additional recreational marijuana stores, I knew it was going to be pressing to have a management team with experience, and i also knew it was going to be pressing to make sure that my associate and I had a special contractor to handle all of the human resources.

I wanted a contractor that was more than capable of handling hiring, firing, orientation, and payroll solutions.

I found a contractor that handles all of these problems, but the human resource business partner for our marijuana dispensary is located in the same town as our main office. The contractor handles all of the hiring process including filling out the paperwork and making sure that the employee signs up for life, medical, and dental insurance. The human resource department handles all of our payroll. There is software setup on the laptops in the marijuana shops, however each one of the employees has to log into the software and those records are sent directly to the human resource business partner; When there are any problems at all with timekeeping, employees have to handle these issues with the human resource department, and last Sunday, six employees had issues with their paychecks and the employer for our main store called me with questions. It was uncorrect for so many employees at the same store to have problems. I contacted the contractor that handles payroll and I found out that they had an issue with a glitch in their own timekeeping software. They were laboring suddenly and diligently to repair all of the errors and reissue funds to employees that were affected.

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